Submersible Booster Pump

Although there is virtually no limit to the size of a submersible pump in larger systems, it is usually more economical and practical to use  submersible pumps   to raise just enough water column to feed the booster pump.

There are several reasons for this. Firstly, the  power needed to go to full pressure with the submersible pump requires a heavy duty pump and drive motor, as well as large hoses, making deployment of the pump cumbersome.

Secondly, the efficiency loss in the hydraulic system is substantial, requiring a larger diesel engine.

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Depending on customer requirements, we have several solutions for this problem. If the  submersible pump has to be deployed by hand, the pump is made from a lightweight alloy, with grips and wheels. Other solutions involve a lift bar extending from the enclosure or even a mobile crane to deploy the pump or pumps.

The submersible pumps are hydraulically driven, usually from a separate engine. A hose reel within the enclosure stores the hydraulic hoses.

l These sets are available with a capacity of up to 60.000 l.p.m !

An example of this Submersible Booster Pump can be found here.

Trailer Submersible Booster Pump