Transportable pump trailers

A Transportable Pump trailer for firefighting purposes with a capacity of 1000 m3/hr @ 140 meter water column.

This pump set consists of a centrifugal pump driven by a Caterpillar Firefighting diesel engine, built on a twin axle trailer. The pump can feed a remote extinguishing monitor trailer located some considerable distance away. The pump is supplied with either water from a pressurized hydrant system or from  open water. The pump has an NPSH of 3,3 so the  trailer can be located up to 5 meters above the water level. The set is fitted with an automatic priming system to prime the pump.


The pump is a Nijhuis HGTF1 centrifugal pump. Drawings and performance are available. The pump is fitted with an automatic pressure control system.


The engine supplied is a Caterpillar C18 firefighting diesel engine. The engine has a power output of 597 kW @ 2100 rpm. Being a mechanical engine it meets tier 2 emission requirements and has NFPA 20 certification.

The engine is cooled by cooling water from the pressure line. The cooling water will be injected into the suction pipe after passing through the engine. Above the engine, a silencer is fitted to limit the noise emission.

The engine is fitted with an electrical heating element to make cold starts possible and is activated when the set is plugged into an external power supply.

The trailer has a 1200 l fuel tank with filler opening,  indicator, drain and breather.

Priming system

The system will be automatically primed upon startup using a Rosenbauer priming pump. This pump is automatically disengaged after priming. The vacuum pump is driven directly from the engine as it consumes considerable power.

Depending on the length of the suction lines the system is automatically primed in less than one minute.

Pump water

The pump is fitted with a suction line using Storz couplings to which 6x 6”  suction hoses can be connected. On the pressure side there is a 12”  and a 3” Storz coupling for foam mixing. Both the suction and pressure lines are made of stainless steel 316. The  pressure line is delivered with 3.1b certificates.

Control system

A stainless steel control cabinet with pushbuttons and a LCD readout screen is fitted. Remote control is option.

All relevant engine data can be read from this panel. Manometers will be fitted for pump suction and discharge pressures.

Noise enclosure

The engine and pump are fitted inside a soundproof enclosure. This  enclosure has access doors for maintenance purposes and  and a section of the enclosure can be lifted off for major maintence. The the sound absorbing material is on the inside of the enclosure.


IFFS provide a trailer on which all the above mentioned equipment is installed and tested by Hycos Hydraulics b.v.