Trailer with booster pump

A modular design concept has been adopted in the pump trailer design. The gross weight of the twin axle trailer is 27 tonnes. The trailer is designed for use in heavy duty firefighting conditions.
The firefighting system consists of a main fire pump with a capacity of 60.000 lpm at 9,0 bar. The main fire pump is directly driven by a  Caterpillar diesel engine.

The trailer is provided with a soundproof enclosure and a compartment to store a toolbox, a first aid box etc.. At the rear of the enclosure 12” hoses are stored. A truck is not supplied.

Trailer Submersible Booster Pump

Fire pump
Supplier : IFFS
Type : HGTF1 – 350.650-vertical
Capacity : 3636 m³/h (60.600 lpm) @ 9,0 bar
Required power : 1248 kW at 1750 rpm
Available power : 1325 kW at 1750 rpm

Piping & valves
All pipes and valves are of material fully compatible with AFFF concentrate, protein based foam
compound (FFFP), salt water or water/foam solution. Pipe material will be stainless steel 316L. All pipes are of sufficient diameter to permit full flow of liquid with minimum loss of pressure. Wherever required, flexible connections and welded joints with bolted flexible couplings are provided to avoid the piping being exposed to external forces and to facilitate removal and replacement.
The drain valves are located in such positions as to permit complete draining of water pump and
piping. All couplings are complete with blank cap and chain. All couplings are made of corrosion
resistant material.

Draining of the entire pump and piping is provided with several ball valves on the lowest positions.
This ensures the complete draining.

After use flushing with clean water is possible with the existing suction an pressure connections
and the drain valves.

Operating panel
An operating panel is provided at the right side of the trailer, including:

  • Start/stop switch
  • Vacuum pressure indication suction side
  • Pressure indication pressure side
  • All engine indications, oil pressure, rpm, temperature, etc.
  • Voltmeter gauche
  • Water temperature gauche
  • Tachometer / hour meter pump engine
  • Engine rpm control
  • All functions and screens are programmable including failure analysis