Mobile FiFi sets for vessels, FiFi 1/4

The FiFi 690 is a standard FiFi set designed as a mobile FiFi set. It fulfils a quarter of the FiFi 1 requirement, therefore we call it FiFi 1/4

The engine is a Deutz 1013 V6 diesel engine,  a mechanical engine. In salt laden environments, this set is especially good because a mechanical engine continues to run if there is an electrical failure. The engine has to be stopped manually via the control panel.

fifi class set

The pump is a Nijhuis pump. With an excellent NPSH, durable and proven in many hours of operation. To prime the pump Hycos has developed an innovative Vacuprime system. This system consists of a V-belt driven vacuum pump that will prime the pump in approx. 45 seconds with the engine at idle speed. The vacuum pump switches off when the pump pressurizes and the FiFi 690 is ready for operation !


14 sets in action

This innovative feature makes priming pumps, suction line check valves or submersible pumps obsolete in all cases where the water level is no more than 5 meters lower than the pump.

The FiFi 690 is fitted with an Alco remote operated extinguishing monitor ( IP 67) which can be turned 360 º and can vary between a long range main jet or a water spray pattern. In addition to this, there are 4 x 2,5” water connections, 1 x 4 “ connection and  a 6” connection.

The set has a sturdy steel frame, transportable either by forklift or using the corner hoists points. It is also supplied with a simple relay control panel which completes the FiFi 690, making it a real workhorse among FiFi sets !

You can download the full specifications here