The container design is for use under extreme fire conditions. The basic  frame meets the national standard LFR regulations. It is fitted with four lifting points to enable it to be placed on the deck of a vessel.

The components  housed in the container are: the hydraulic power pack, hose reel, submersible pump and extinguishing monitor. The submersible pump can be taken from the container to a water supply.  The submersible pump is hydraulically driven by the diesel-powered hydraulic power pack.

The submersible pump is powered by two 150 m long hydraulic hoses. In order to make these hoses manageable, we have incorporated a hose reel in the set. This hose reel is hydraulically operated with a hand-operated valve attached to the reel. The hoses have quick release couplings that attach  to the submersible pump.

The submersible pump weighs only32 kg! It pumps water through 4″ pressure hoses. With this hydraulic system, it is possible to pump water with a drop of about 50 metres. The container is soundproof and conforms to CE standards.

The container has a hook loader mechanism the conforms to the LFR regulations and has a rigid steel framework. The container is coated for use in marine environments.

In the container there is a hydraulic power pack which is used to drive the submersible pump and the hose reel. It has a capacity of 120 l.p.m. at 320 Bar. The submersible pump has a pressure and return connection but no separate leakage connection.

The container in the built-in hydraulic power pack is used for the drive of the hydraulic submersible pump and the hose reel. It has a capacity of 120 LPM at 320 Bar. The submersible pump has a discharge and return connection, no separate lekaansluiting.

Diesel powerpack

A 90 kW diesel power pack suitable for driving the submersible pump. It includes:

  • Perkins 1104 diesel engine, Stage 3a, including radiator. The motor rotates 2000 rpm in order to supply the required yield.
  • Bell housing and clutch
  • Parker F12 60 cc pump
  • Hydraulic oil cooler
  • Diesel tank with accessories
  • Valve suction line
  • Engine Start Panel

The power pack is built in a sound-attenuated enclosure that complies with the CE requirements for noise.

Control box

The engine is started using a control panel on which the motor data are read sex. This panel is located behind a separate door in the casing. The set is provided with an emergency stop on both sides of the casing.

Hose Reel

The hose reel has two sections, one for the delivery hose and one for the return hose. This is 150 m hydraulic hose for driving the submersible pump. The reel can be controlled hydraulically using a hand-operated valve on the hose reel.


Capacity: 3500 l / min at 6 bar.

Hydraulic hose reel: 150 m hydraulic hose


Total length: 4,700 m.

Overall width: 1,900 m.

Height total: 2,000 m.


Weight (approximate): 5,000 kg

Own weight submersible pump (aluminum version): 32 kg