Mobile Fire fighting set 600 m3

We have delivered 2 mobile pumpsets this week to an overseas customer. These trailerized pumpsets can work up to 5 m above the water level without the use of a submersible pump. In order to do this, 3 non collapsible hoses are deployed. A n automatic vacuum priming system primes the pump within one minute after starting.

The pump is driven by a Caterpillar C-9 diesel engine. A monitor from FFS in Norway is capable of a throw length of 110 m.

This pump set is built into a full enclosed tandem axle trailer. Total weight of the unit is 3500 kgs.

This pump set is an ideal mobile solution if the Fire can be reached from the waterside. If this is not possible, the pump set can be equipped with a 8″ pressure connection to transport the water through flat hoses.

check out the video to see the performance of the unit !


dsc_0013 dsc_0062