60.000 LPM mobile fire fighter

Hycos has developed together with its partners DNM and IFFS a mobile fire fighting systems with a capacity of 60.000 LPM for a single pump unit. The system is executed as a truck trailer.

The system consists of a submersible pump unit, supplying water to a large booster pump.

The submersible pump unit is mobile unit that can be lowered into the water by an A frame mounted on the trailer. Alternatively, the submersible pump unit can be self propelled.

The submersible pump is connected to the booster unit by 8″flat hoses. This pump can feed a monitor trailer located at considerable distance.

Both the hydraulically driven submersible pump and the booster pump are driven by Caterpillar engines, with a total installed capacity of 2700 HP.

The system can be completed by one or more of our monitor systems to make a very powerful fire fighting system.