Looking for a 5000 USG/Min FIFi?

Are you looking for a mobile a pump trailer with a capacity of 5000 USG/Min @ 150 psi? HycosFirefighting can supply you with this FiFi system!

We can deliver this FiFi system with centrifugal pump driven by a Caterpillar Fire fighting diesel engine, built on a double axis trailer.


This pump can feed a monitor trailer located at considerable distance. The pump will be supplied with water from a pressurized hydrant system or from the open water.

The pump has an NPSH of 4,0 m so the pump trailer can be located up to 5 m above water level! Also this set is fitted with an automatic priming system to prime the pump in these cases.

See for more details of this FiFi set the summery below


  • Nijhuis HGTF1 centrifugal pump (split case pump chosen for excellent NPSH)
  • Pump is fitted with an automatic pressure control system and  a maximum pressure relief valve.
  • Pump is fitted with a thermal relief line, spilling water in case the pump is running for a long time dead headed.


  • Caterpillar C 18 Fire fighting diesel engine (450 kW @ 1900 rpm)
  • Mechanical engine (tier 2 emission) and NFPA 20 certification.
  • Engine cooled by cooling water from the pressure line. The cooling water will be injected in the suction pipe after passing through the engine.
  • Engine is fitted with an electrical heating element to make cold starts possible. This heating will be activated when the set is plugged into an external power source.

The trailer will have a 1200 l fuel tank with filler opening,  indicator, drain and breather.

Other specifications

  • System will be automatically primed upon startup by a Rosenbauer priming pump.
  • Pump is fitted with a suction line fitted with Storz couplings (6 x 6”  suction hoses can be connected)
  • Stainless steel control cabinet with pushbuttons and a LCD readout screen. Remote control is optional. All relevant engine data can be read from this panel.
  • The engine and pump will be fitted inside a noise enclosure.
  • Trailer will be fitted with working lights and alarm lights.
  • All the equipment above will be installed on a twin axle trailer with lighting.

If you want more information about this FiFi system, please contact us by e-mail or call us!

Hycos introduces new website

Hycos Hydraulic BV, specialized in maritime hydraulics and mostly builds custome made hydraulic drive systems on or close to water all over the world announced the release of the new http://www.hycosfirefighting.com. This site provides customers all information about Firefighting (FiFi) systems. Hycos Firefighting offers a very wide range of (custom made) FiFI products and services for  (industrial & off shore) fire departments and specialists.

The site has been designed with a recognizable layout, including an easy navigation and simple standardized menu structure so each visitor can easily find the information they are looking for.

The website boasts a modern, colourful design and is divided into several sections: who we are, what we do, where we work and all services we provide. Each page provides detailed information on all aspects of the organisation’s functioning and FiFi solutions we offer.

Hycos FireFighting Sysytems announced the cooperation with IFFS BV

Hycos FireFighting Sysytems announced the cooperation with IFFS BV.

IFFS (Innovative Fire Fighting Systems) develops innovative solutions for heavy duty firefighting purposes according customer wishes. All systems are optimized to guarantee maximum capacity at large suction height. More information about this company can be found at: http://www.iffs.nl/

Hycos Firefighting Systems offers a very wide range of (custom made) FiFI products and services for  (industrial & off shore) fire departments and specialists.

Together they are able to fulfill every demand of any FiFI system. With standard equipment or custom made.

This partnership, which covers a worldwide territory, establishes a framework for the parties to bring the best of Fire Fighting Systems together from the two companies – their products, technology, knowledge, research and relationships – to provide all customers the best Fire Fighting solutions you can imagine.